The SEO tool for non-English content

Rank up Content without chasing of Backlinks

Good content doesn't mean good ranking.

Write content that Google understands.

Google is not as smart as you think, especially in non-English content.

Here is what we can help to Rank up your content:

Save time to find an "easy-rank" keyword

Before you start writing anything, knowing your competition

Measure content relevancy score against competitors that are currently ranking on the first page of Google search result. This tool works on English OR Non-English search.

Save time to find Relevant keywords that help Google understand

Knowing Exactly what necessary keywords to add

Provide you Semantic Keywords that your customers are searching for when they are not familiar with your topic.

Support Chinese and other Non-English keyword search

Rank up faster in less competitive market

Built-in algorithm to handle spacing between Chinese words. 

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How it works?

Step 1) Search

Simply search in Google using your target keyword.

Step 2) Analyze

Click to Turn on RankUpContent Chrome extension. You can see content competitiveness for TOP 10 search result.

Step 3) Write

Increase your Keyword Relevance Score by applying related keywords into your content.

Step 4) Keep calm and relax

Submit your content to google search console for faster result.

See it in action:

Simple pricing

Call me crazy. Unlike other SEO tool, there is no limit on search. 

$10 USD / monthly

Just 2 coffees a month, Rank up your content easily!

$97 USD / yearly

save 2 months!

Just 2 coffees a month, Rank up your content easily!